Who is Double Eagle Fitness?

Love story turns into fitness frenzy

Once upon a time in Mosul, Iraq, a Special Forces Sergeant met an Intelligence Officer during the Jingle Bell Four Miler race. For the remainder of their deployment, they ran a jillion miles dreaming about a new life together.

Two years later, they got married and dedicated their new careers to helping people discover their inner athletes. They love surprising clients through increased confidence derived from fitness achievements that create ripple effects in all areas of their lives. Clients are raving about them: http://novato.patch.com/listings/double-eagle-fitness#reviews

They got certified as personal trainers and nutritional consultants through the National Personal Training Institute.

And the rest?

…is fitness history.

(NPTI is the most extensive personal training certification in the country with 500 hours of in-depth exercise theory, kinesiology, and program design; Detailed anatomy and physiology; six months of practical hands-on gym experience; and 100 hours of nutrition study resulting in three certifications: certified personal trainer certified nutritional consultant, and CPR/AED and First Aid certification and is the only program approved by the US Department of Education).


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  1. Sabrina Roblin says:

    Signing up for the blog!

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